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November 26, 2002

Broadening Measures

Ever wished you could get beyond the efficiency discussion at the board meeting? Are you able to <b><a href="http://www.henshall.com/kcindex/tools/score.htm">ladder your measures (1997) </a></b>from efficiency to effectiveness to responsiveness to renewal to learning? Are learning measures - in place? More importantly, how many meetings start their discussions from the top of the ladder? In a world where learning faster leads to success, should you begin reporting and interacting that way? It seems that organizations in the knowledge economy that concentrate on efficiency by definition will downsize and shrink - for real value today is fueled by new ideas.

Simultaneously, new indicators are emerging from web-based research tools which combine traditional quantitative (traditional MR metrics for behavior – what was) with qualitative input (attitudes and values that drive behavior). This real-time with customers, partners, employees, other stakeholders etc, can improve understanding and create new synergy. For example: A brand map on Palm may provide information that suggests customers, employees, and partners all map different ideals and competitive sets. Traditionally research like this was just too expensive. No more! What happens if a competitor has a synergistic set of maps? Bet their brand and product development efforts are better aligned.

These methods enable new options by infusing the enterprise with rapid learning. This web based model is already retooling traditional research. This type of approach provides immediate openness with respondents; “current context” not trends, as steps to enhancing performance. Is your conversation space increasing? Flow, velocity, quality, intent, number of relationships? Where's the friction?

Another example (migration?) sees an enterprise using a community based space (like <a href="http://www.communispace.com">Communispace</a>) to incorporate “edge / creative customers” (product – service experience sensors), and “remarkable people” (curiosity – new / edge discoveries STEEP) with employees in an ongoing conversation.

Separately, the e-Bay community is less connected (so far re measures / indicators) yet in the millions provides responsiveness and instant learning that few companies can currently match. We should watch for individuals pooling small $ sums to research these communities and collectively act. (Note this does not require e-Bay’s permission.) I’d also note new approaches to highly distributed scaleable trust are emerging.

So what?

Posted by Stuart, November 26, 2002 08:46 PM | Trackback Link (http://www.henshall.com/cgi-bin/mt-tb.cgi/46)
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