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Unbound Spiral: Identity, Reputations

January 3, 2003 12:00 PM

<a title="Eric Norlin's Blog" href=""><b>Eric Norlin's Blog</b></a> <i>"Mitch brings up the idea of individuals being able to manage access to their Digital ID (in exchange for money) as the killer app. I agree -- it is. However, I think we're 8to10 years from that happening, and there are a lot of intermediate steps in between." </i>

My comment.<b>We (CONSUMERS) can't wait 10 years! </b>We need a better solution.

<a title="RatcliffeBlog: Business, Technology & Investing" href=""><b>RatcliffeBlog</b>: Business, Technology & Investing</a> Not marketing, legalese (for lack of a better word)

<a title="Escapable Logic" href=""><b>Escapable Logic</b></a> Brett Blazer on "When Meatspace isn't Marketspace" .... digesting... identities... reputations...

Also reading the <b><a href="">PingID</a></b> whitepaper.