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January 09, 2003

Emergent Human Profiles

Then there is your challenge for outgoing identity. On one side it seems we have the "structured" standards rule bound crm - digital id route, on the other side we have a human outpouring --- people increasingly willing to share. E-mail and credit cards are still the touch points. Where are signs of emergent human profiles? Uncontrolled developments where people add to it themselves?. Match - HotorNot etc.. the dating sites are relatively structured, however key words are effectively open. RYZE demonstrates this to me even more clearly (perhaps I'm just more comfortable playing there). Search on Digital Identity, search on Identity. Then try donuts. I added both of these to my interests this morning. You are gold you can search that way too.

These are "human profiles" not "machine profiles" they may be augmented by "knowledge profiles" (explicit capture) they may also be "time profiles" effectively they are "lifestream profiles" (borrowing from Gelerntner). It is the "tacit piece" that makes them so attractive to us. Crashing profiles together releases tacit knowledge. In that I can see some parallels with shopping. Adding timed interests... may also create profile changes...

So what's required. RZYE or something similar... Let's imagine a world in which RYZE has 250 million members. Let's imagine that world being reached sometime in 200?. (acceptable growth---- 20000??? now?? no statistics... search USA.. doubled.... now adding roughly 50 per day...)RYZE up must accelerate faster!

Through 2003 this type of platform grew rapidly, replacing classmates, match, hot or not, yahoo, profiles etc. (Let's leave out how we grow it right now). I have more than a few ideas for pricing, subscriptions, other channels, chat integration etc.

What's clear is we will pay for this, improves the quality of staying in touch... the quality of relationships. It will personalize more business relationships, it with increase the inter connectivity. It will accelerate the number of conversations we have and create new filters. Perhaps require them. Franked Post... is a pretty good filter. I thought enough to contact you at the personal level.

Point is.... create a huge human community... and some bright spark will key in interests.... "Buying new Honda Element" Once this group realizes that the search simply aggregates those with the interests... users will figure out... there are a lot of us... I don't know how many Elements will be sold this week... ??? 2500 nationally?? That's a nice group purchase. A timed interest... with a commitment to a dollar value --- like priceline (mercata, accompany options exist... perhaps... needs a contractual component.

I know... that is just group buying... Except smart agents can also search on these... public human profiles. They will have to pay a franked cost to get to the individual. However, under the matching game they won't know which e-mails... to target... regular post won't do. So now these emergent profiles... can start to feed an access machine. Ie you can read demand for free... but accessing it efficiently...requires some payment.

I've thought before... about donations... I have so much money to give. However I want it to really make a difference. There is a tipping point on that money. You can see it in the curve on the pledges. I might pledge 100$ now, only if $1m is raised within 15 days... If after two days... It is really important to me... and money isn't being raised fast enough... I might make it $500, but only available for the next 5 days thus trying to accelerate others to making it a reality. Might even suggest / share with my friends what I have done. A thought... might be easier to raise funds in this type of environment... a first step in the migration...

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