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January 09, 2003

Ohter RYZE Channels - Franchises

As I ran round RYZE I began thinking about the other applications and communities that could be stimulated by the RYZE community approach. I'll leave other questions about how RYZE is planning to grow for another time. What I am getting at here is there is lots of potential!

My first thought inspired by what comes next after Live Journal was student networking. Companies are replaced by courses and schedules, schools, residence houses etc. Adding in online chat functions (trillian?) enables online study groups etc. Tribes, mentoring groups etc. Who pays? Perhaps it is part of the fee? Yet the $10/month fee is not onerous in the current model.

Over coffee yesterday morning... it became clear an Alumni group is attractive. Curiousity and one line on RYZE and a better search gives me an opportunity to reconnect with hundreds. Similarly if I was www. classmates.com I would be worried. Ryze only has to add the line High School(s) and year attended. No spam. No further risk of e-mail exposure. No ads.

Similarly, for academics.... add in publications.

Then there are the travellers. Or those wishing home exchange. In RYZE... simply in categories. I don't know the answer, but if RYZE added a category 'for sale' ... could with a few enhancements eBay be threatened? The majority on eBay haven't built out their human profiles! The emergent RYZE profiles are strong. Wait until e-Bay traders join in. They will link to their e-bay profiles and stores, just like the bloggers.

Interests…. Are still limited. Only by how they have been defined so far. If my interests list included the books I had bought from Amazon… my exchanges would increase. If my interests included my music file names, amazon wish list etc. Limiting interests would impact on the effectiveness of the community.

I can add friends. I'd be happy to list names of those I admire… then I might lodge Einstein, or perhaps some writers more current. Those I admire may not always be close friends. However they suggest points of view. I might list Kevin Kelly, Stewart Brand. Their thinking has inflenced mine. Neither are members, and yet like a book their association might provide useful contacts or debates. Do I list today as an interest “The Tipping Point”? Not currently. I read it long ago. Do I have a belief in tipping points?… Yes. Would I like to tip the current CRM belief system in favor of consumers? YES! You can see it in my writing or if you get to know me.

Can RYZE help with that mentoring? People come to my guest book. I write a blog two or three times a week sometimes more. How do I post just the latest posting in RYZE, so my page is always being updated? A sort of current news?

I put Community Statistics in my earlier posting. The more statistics, the more we can learn about the community the more effective our targeting becomes.

Behind some of these groups of friends mini private networks will emerge or already exist. It seems to me there may be an opportunity to link to Groove like functionalities. Would Chandler do this?

Platinum…. Enable the sponsoring of others??? Eg give them the status. Enable them to invite in. say for a month… provide an introduction… I’ve just joined you up with full membership rights. Want you to introduce me to others etc…. you know my skills etc.

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