Knowledge Innovation

Unbound Spiral: Zaplet Blogging?

March 11, 2003 09:12 PM

Did you ever look at Zaplets? Zaplets turn regular e-mail into a more collaborative work environment. Iím wondering could Zaplets plug into blog postings and make them more collaborative and interactive?

Could a ZAPBLOG provide a more effective format for corporate briefings and suggestion capture? Would this approach enable good blog postings to grow and have more life? Eg my link to a zaplet blog might contain additional live data. I could look back at my blog and see via connections to others which threads linked to still provide the most interest. A sort of reat-time artifact? A living blog post?

Zapletís current online focus is very pragmatic and enterprise focused compared to the original fun executions (which failed to catch on). From the WayBack Machine Ė Zaplet circa 2000:

Anyone have any interest Ė knowledge? Worth pursuing?