Unbound Spiral: Peer Power Economy

May 3, 2003 04:55 PM

A piece well worth reading in Escapable Logic .......on the cusp of a peer economy. P2P transactions may look like data-backed blogs; Maybe.  It's certainly worth thinking about the points burried in the rhetoric.   

  • A global market as intimate as blogging is a major disruptor. 
  • Publicity, and its dependent, politics. Publicity is literally openness. Openness trumps legality....
  • A single email may be enough openness to bring bankers down
  • When reputation data is too broadly distributed ....we'll have recaptured the User Interface enjoyed by generations of traders....,
  • relating to generations of customers, ....Like any relationship, it's a two way street.
  • Gradually we'll remember how to be great customers, embracing and extending seller's customization skills, relating through authentic conversations and coaxing each other into the peer economy.....

I believe the next few iterations of blogging tools, plugins etc will begin to turn the tide.  Feedback like in the Antiport meme may be the first to be activated.