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Unbound Spiral: The Future of Guilds

June 07, 2003

The Future of Guilds

Cynthia Typaldos created golf web and then created RealCommunities which never got finished. 

Cynthias newest this is SPM.  Software Product Marketing ... Is a virtual organization is the best collection os skilled softwaren/networking marketing talent.  grew out of a job board and entirely run by volenteers which now is morphoing int0 a lifelong career progression site. 

Sociologist want to do robust theories and dosg are the best things to study... cartoon.  other social networks some cartoons. 

See the charts.  Sociological baski of social networks form the santafe research institued collaboration network.  not the graphics used by both doug and Cynthia...  Valdez Krebs on the spreak of infectious disearses.  see orgnet.com.. example include 911 terrorist network.  We may find that some social networking is objectionable.  You don't solve the worlds problem by solving social networks technologies. 

The 12 principles chart.  All communities need a purpose.  next level is identity of identity and reputation.  We should simplify and recast. 

The importance of identity and reputation is very important.  being able to create a persistent identity is fundamentlal to any civiliztation.  New domain... Our most popular book/item updated hourly.  The integrity of the system that operrates it pr

You don't need to be a golfer to establish a successful community.  You do need to understand the principles. 

What is social software.  1200 links 11,300 updated in the last year.  Social Softewar is simply a new term for web communities and collbaration tools.  New tools are evolving / emerging.  Weak ties are the bridges between your closest social ties. 

The interenet now makes it possible to traverse the weak links.  It was never before exploited.... (outside the NSA lol)

Chart of Internet as an enabler....  Reids law... re the group forming 32000 value of the broadcast network Reids law is the new hockey stick.... Need to put reids law on the wiki....  

While Collar Professional Guilds.  Real need to brand yourself and create an identity.  PG creat intentional networks.  See article "It's not what you know. It's who you know: in First Monday.  Quoted in here presentaton!  Issue 5....  


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