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Unbound Spiral: Comments Debate

July 10, 2003 01:52 PM

The Venomites are speaking up.  Electric Venom:Blogs Without Comments "And so the debate continues whether a blog needs comments or it's just a website, or whether TrackBack is sufficient."

My recent EV comment: So comments are like sowing seeds... May the Venomites rise up and be heard... front page. Way to go! Makes tripping rather than RSS reading much more fun. Alway enjoy my visits.

So really--- are comments just part of an intimacy gradient? Are trackbacks... just new fences? Territorial boundaries? Perhaps we take it all too seriously. Set fire to the fields or quench the flames.

Comments and trackbacks are important to me.  I don't mind admitting that I don't like blogs that don't have comments. It does tell me something about the who or them behind it.  But here's a request.  At least it may work for the MT crowd that makes all the trackback noise anyways. 

Enable other MT blogs so that when I leave a comment on their blog... it is automatically e-mailed to my blog when I check the right comment box and thus posted (title comment on VK's xxx entry) and saved in a category "comments on other blogs" with sub-categories by blog.  Then I can go commenting and feel I'm adding broader value at the same time.  It would generate more thoughtful comments, and enable me to share both more personally and broadly at the same time. It would also keep a record for me of comments I've made on other blogs.  Something sadly lacking today. 

While we should be happy to give away -- our comments --- those with failing memories might like a record.  Makes it easier to find later. It also makes it easier to make later referrals.  "Ah we connected on that!" See... 

Plus hitting a trackback right now will make it even easier to see how Kate's blog is working! 

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I'm with you Stuart. There is a debate going on on the Knowledge Board too, about various colaborative communities technologies - some suggesting that blogs are too one-way. But I say there a blogs and blogs. (Some discussion boards tend to be dominated by cliques that talk but don't listen) It's the people, not the technology that matters.

The reality for me is that any such community is only as good as its interaction. A blog without some feedback / discussion mechanism is just a journal output (which may be interesting or entertaining reading), but hardly part of a knowledge community.

(PS I'm a Blogger blogger and I have quite cottoned onto trackbacks yet BTW.)

Posted by: ian glendinning at July 11, 2003 2:58 PM