Unbound Spiral: NewsGator

July 16, 2003 05:35 PM

 Iím posting this entry from NewsGator my new newsreader.  For the most part Iíve used the newsreader that came with my Radio Blog and I used it as a general clipping service.  However it was slow and failed to provide a simple quick way to post to MT.  Similarly I tried Ampheta Desk.  That too had an ugly interface and didnít eliminate cutín paste..  I also checkout out NewzCrawler which failed (as far as I could see to offer a simple way to import my subscriptions file.  With 100+ Iím not going to type them in again.  Then there is FeedReader (looks too basic) , netnewswire (Apple Mac only), NewsMonster (requires Netscape Ė why should I change?).  There is a great list of RSS readers here  from Haiko Hebig

NewsGator made it a relatively painless transition.  It integrates with my Microsoft Outlook Ė slows it down some Ė (nothing a new PC wouldnít fix). 

Note:  This post didn't post as a draft... so was exported before I noted and commented on the issues I have with this solution.  They will be in a follow-up post shortly. 

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FYI, NewsGator 1.2 doesn't support saving posts as drafts - as soon as you save them, they get sent to the posting plug-in. Version 1.3, now in beta, solves this problem...

Posted by: Greg Reinacker at July 16, 2003 8:01 PM