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Unbound Spiral: Good Skype Review

September 12, 2003 12:43 PM

An excellent overview of Skype. Note Robin's comments re Vonage and similar services.

Please Skype Me: Disruptive P2P VoIP Technology Allows You To Call And Talk Free To Any Windows PC - Robin Good' Sharewood Tidings

The advantage(s) of this over other similar new services like Vonage and Free World Dialup is that Skype does not rely on a centralized infrastructure to maintain the directory of users and to route each and every call. This means that for those services based on a centralized infrastructure costs scale proportionally with their user base while providing quality and reliability becomes always more difficult to achieve.

Where I'd disagree with advice later in the article which recommends accepting calls only from friends. I'm happy for example to accept calls from around the world. However I will check the info button before answering. Or I can simply treat it as one to call back. You can't always answer your computer. If I don't know / recognize your name or it is made up.... and there is no country etc. then the caller isn't providing enough info to encourage appropriate courtesy.

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Skype has bad quality and very bad support

I have problem using Skype to call real phone recently (It was working ok before). The other side cannot hear my voice but I can hear them. I live chatted with Skype's support (Nadia) regarding this problem. She kept asking me to verify if the other side have installed the right version of Skype and can record their own sound. I have repeatly told her the other side is a real phone, not a PC. She still wanted me to follow the verification instruction on other side. It's hard to believe Skype's support is so incompetent!!! She then terminated my chat session intentionally. I started the live chat again, it's still Nadia to answer the support call. I asked to talk to another support person, she then never chatted back (left me waiting forever).

Posted by: Hanna at October 30, 2004 12:14 AM