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Unbound Spiral: Skype Users are Talking

September 12, 2003 01:37 PM

Interesting just tracking Skype quotes... and thinking about the grass-roots activity that is happening.

When VoIP via P2P technology hits a point where you can call friends using a headset, PDA, and Skype software, using a wireless network, existing phone services will feel the financial hurt. I doubt P2P will kill either cellular or landline phone service, but it will certainly shift some dollars from the pockets of businesses that have far too much control over the way we communicate - I can't wait. refer
Matches my experiences round the world.
Me and a friend gave Skype a try and I must say its amasing. He was on a ISDN in South Africa and I was on my ADSL in London. My firewall blocked all incoming connections and it worked a charm. Sound quality was comparable to a phone if not better. I am. [refer]
It's not hard to check out.
Ive been seeing stuff about Skype, so I had to check it out- and Im pretty impressed. Its like instant messaging, but with telephone quality voice. Instead of getting pinged with a Gotta second? IM, your computer will ring. You... [refer]
A foreign interpretation I can't read.....
Devo a Mantellini la scoperta di Skype, programmino che ormai da qualche tempo utilizzo con gusto per telefonare via Internet, realizzato dalla ban.. (85 words) [refer]
Around the world and probably more impactful than music sharing
Dring! Dring! Dring! SKYPE! Des concepteurs de Kazaa. Téléphonie IP et P2P. What kind of impact do you think Skype... [refer]

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Hi Skypers:

I've had no luck with SKYPE.

I've called from Colombia S.A., trying to connect with a friend in Thibodaux, Louisiana, U.S.A. I can hear her, but she can't hear me.

She tells me that she's talked with Skypers in Europe and Brazil.

XP's firewall maybe? My geographical location, Colombia?

I'd appreciate a hand.

My phone bills are going to bankrupt me.

Have a nice day people.

Norman De Sola

Posted by: norman de sola at November 10, 2003 2:12 PM

Maybe these were problems with the older version of Skype, but with version 1.0 and above, Skype to Skype calling works awesome. Quality is much better than cell phone or landline phones. I've also added money to my SkypeOut account so I can make PC to phone calls. The quality is very good also (and that was calling from US to Denmark).


Posted by: scott at October 23, 2004 3:53 PM