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Unbound Spiral: Triple Monitor Play

June 24, 2004 04:34 PM

This puts my dual monitor strategy and advocacy to shame. Good links in this post for going to three monitors. Take a look!

Multiple Monitors and Productivity
I found an interesting blog post about a small, informal multiple monitor productivity study. A number of developers, with some nudging from me, have gravitated to multiple monitor setups over the last year. Based on that experience, I wholeheartedly agree with the study survey results:
On average, people would much rather have 2 smaller monitors than 1 larger monitor. Nobody answered that they preferred 1 monitor over 2 even a little bit.
Multiple monitors were most useful when the application had palettes or when 2 or 3 windows needed to be open, such as for programming/debugging.
The biggest complaint was desk space, since all of our monitors were CRTs (no LCDs).

Coding Horror: Multiple Monitors and Productivity