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August 03, 2004

Skype Blog Plug-in Required

There are a number of people working quietly away on Skype's API hoping to interconnect and create new value. For Skype to win as a collaboration tool it must harness the capabilities that combining presence, text and voice enable. Yesterday I had a couple of brilliant conversations with two of my favorite people in the forums. Someplace along the line I wanted a blog plug-in. I'd be happy to talk to anyone in more detail about how this could be extended. I think this is a natural MT plug-in.

What's needed to complete the connection?
After a complex discussion of text and voice I really was missing the tools to tidy up. First I wanted to say "thanks" that was a neat call. When one hangs up on a Skype call a closing message is a simple thing. It just isn't common practice. An option of a closing message would be helpful. Identified so it doesn't require an answer. Similarly a call rating device for calls may be helpful. Not too complex. Just a scale. This call was great! Or we can do better! Concurrently with closing the call it would be nice to compile the call record into a blog post. Thus using an MT style format you would have "main body" = audiolog and mini summary, "extended body" would contain the text exchange (which I presume could be picked up now as the archive record is available) and the extract which contains the closing rating and final forty words. The subject is easy and the Category provides the opportunity to send it to groups or file it in certain ways. Set this up correctly with an XML-RPC interface and I bet wbloggar or MovablePoster could plug right into Skype will little modification.

Then add the capability to enable old records to be called up easily when a call comes in or when about to make a new call. That is all functionality that was not connected to the actual device and the actions of using the device in the past. Adding blog recording capabilities to Skype would put it one ahead of MSN / Yahoo and AOL. Archives for IM are not well thought out and are basic. They are an increasingly important business record. Concurrently these records may also require additional security. Just posting to a blog may expose organizations and individuals to additional risk. An encryption exchange needs to extend out of the Skype API so record privacy can be managed.

The reverse may also be true. Organizing news feeds so they can provide you with notifications via Skype's texting capability. Something I'd think Newsgator could set up. Gush also has some newsreading capabilities. I'd also like to see the a notification of when someone is at my site or reading a page on my blog. At one time I had a little thing "Instant Gratification" set up. I learned lots about referrals and what was hot when it all happened in real time. Unfortunately AOL banned it. Maybe this could be brought back for Skype?

Maybe this is something for the LazyWeb. I've never tried that before.

Posted by Stuart, August 3, 2004 09:30 PM | Trackback Link (http://www.henshall.com/cgi-bin/mt-tb.cgi/757)
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Hi Stuart, is there a way to record Skype conversations. I have tried with Microsoft OneNote and Skype without success. Since I do a lot of interviewing and conference calling via Skype, I would like to have an audio record of my calls. In fact, as you said, it would be great to post some of the audio files to my weblog.

BTW, I think that a feedback mechanism to inquire about how useful the call was, is a good idea. I would not want to ask this question all the time, but after a conference call, it would be a useful polling device.

Thanks for your help!

Posted by: Ralph Poole on August 5, 2004 05:19 PM | Permalink to Comment
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