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December 22, 2004

Podcasting Explained


Imagine that your MP3 player magically filled with audio you could listen to at your leisure, from radio shows, online interviews and more. That's podcasting, so named because of the immense popularity of Apple's iPod. You can think of it as TiVo for radio, though that's a bit limiting, because you can do much more than time-shift radio.

It's similar to the way people are beginning to use RSS Aggregators to make their blog reading more efficient. Here's Doc Searls explaining DIY Radio with Podcasting.

Want to know how to do it yourself? Hugo Schotman has a blog describing how to podcast with Macintosh software. Others should emerge soon focused on PCs, which are not as adept at manipulating multimedia.

Jake Ludington explains Podcasting with Windows Media Player.

Here are the major elements:

Recording Podcasts?
In person (digital recording hardware)
On the phone

Podcasting With Skype?

Uploading and Hosting Podcasts?
ftp to your own servers
Podcast Hosting Services?
Podcast RSS Feeds? (so people can subscribe)

Podcast Torrents? (using BitTorrent?)

Receiving Podcasts?
Podcast Client Software?

For some ruminations about future platforms for podcasting, see Yi Tan Call Infrastructure Issues.

Here are some messier, up-to-date

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