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Unbound Spiral: Traditions... blog and more

January 2, 2005 11:31 PM

Thank you all for so many comments and trackback recently. I'm simply overwhelmed. I didn't mean to throw away the tradition of thanks and response, nor was it a New Years resolution. I've been buried deeply in two projects reading them to kick off the New Year.

So I promise to post a portion of my traditional blogging follow-up tomorrow. And Yes! Part of it does involve a wiki, although it's less a wiki than many might think. Behind the scenes on Yi-Tan we have been experimenting with new ways to create an emergent plastic platform. I think the solution is much more dynamic than a blog and many times more adaptable for the corporate environment. For it is not the pages that is really interesting. In the end it is the posts and the collections. Then in different places we've been adding presence and other collaboration methods. I also need to give Ken Tyler at Seedwiki just a little more time.

On the other front, I'm planning to leverage my passion for Skype in new ways. Right now 2005 the outlook is for amazing change and new action!