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Unbound Spiral: SharedCopy - The Next Post-it?

May 9, 2007 06:01 PM

What happens when you cross a Post-it note with Delicious or Furl? Perhaps a smarter form of bookmarking?

I got a ping from James Seng last night. I always love knowing what he is working on. SharedCopy seems to be his new thing. I'm impressed. It provides a new form of sharing with notations. A few of the commenter's on his post thought "ThirdVoice" too. I'll add a public shared copy to this post after I post it. I'll need to experiment with this to really get it.

What is SharedCopy? It is an web application that allows you to annotate & markup any website, made a permanent copy of that page and then share it with your friends. Above all, we do it without any external program or browser plugins, just pure AJAX. :) Check out this link to see how it works. SharedCopy of SharedCopy

What I like about this is how you can just put a note on a page and send the two together. It's quick and I can see this will create a neat repository. It is somewhere between Furling a page and being a little more active. I'd like to see it with a tags option and tied to an OpenID.I may have to learn a little more on how I can customize it. Example How can I add in contact me or SkypeMe details? I'm sure I could pass that in the same way.

Where a little user work is required is just a simple visual on how to drag the links to your bookmarks to set it up and get started. It's not yet a very intuitive or obvious instruction. It 's really nice to see something a little different! I can see ways to use it. I'd love to be in on more user stories as they evolve.

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Thanks Stuart :-)

Your suggestions are always welcome. If you have any other ideas what else you like to see on this, drop me a note :)

Posted by: James Seng at May 9, 2007 7:36 PM

I’d like to bring your attention to It provides a bit more, such as tagging, groups, full-text search etc. It can also do without a browser plug-in, though it does provide a browser plug-in that makes it even better for power users

We’d appreciate if you can take a look at diigo sometime.

Posted by: wade at May 10, 2007 6:33 AM