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October 11, 2003

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Who can solve the COMMENT SPAM on MT and without turning off the comments? Please share with me.

What I really think of these comment spammers is unprintable. There were two busy with my site this am. Just used Feedster to find the “lolita” cuplrit. (see below – my IP was up one number). Then I’ve had the “interesting” example and the “click the name at your own risk” warning. I’m sure I could find viagra if I looked. I could spend my whole day linking to others with comment spam. Feedster provided 823 items in seconds. I have no reason to doubt the facts below.

Reading & Writing: Comment Spamming

Comment Spamming
The last couple of days a robot named Lolita has been leaving the comment “Nice site!” on a number of my posts. Spam is bad & while I think pornography has been & will always be with us, comment spammers are the lowest of the low. Bottom feeders, the catfish of the internet, eaters of rotten feces . . .

Here is some information I found about the person who has been spamming my comments:
status: production
organization: Video LO
owner: Guy McFarland
address: 4009 Dancing Cloud Ct. #42
city: Destin
state: Florida
postal-code: 32541
country: US
registrar: JORE-1
created: 2003-03-09 15:54:35 UTC JORE-1
modified: 2003-08-31 16:07:25 UTC JORE-1
expires: 2004-03-09 09:54:19 UTC
Phone: 850-269-2814
4009 Dancing Cloud Ct,
Destin, FL 32541-3388

Amazing what you can find out in fifteen minutes on the internet. I began looking around after the second set of messages from Lolita showed up. I’m actually very easy-going about porn, but pretty hard-line about trespassing, which is what I consider spam. This is my space, …….

Update: Same guy now spamming as Preteen. Am not alone.

Jackass Spammers

I got hit again, this time by “Preteen,” as did others. Same first parts of the ip address as last night, just the last two digits varied. Is there anyway to ban that whole string?

  • Cal

    I’ve just noticed that there’s a new MT plugin being developed by Jay Allen called MT-Blacklist that should help prevent comment spam to some extent. Check his site ( and his post on 10/11 lists some of the features. Apparently the plugin will be released on Monday. I’m going to try this solution.

    Adam Kalsey ( has also talked about comment spam quite a bit. No solutions yet, but lots of interesting discussion.

  • Jackass Spammers

    Apparently I am not the only one who got spammed last night by the ‘Lolita’ Spammer. When I woke up

  • Oh no – you too ! I have it too – the problem with Radio Userland is i can’t even delete comments – that really sucks. Perhaps time to move to MT or Typepad – and temporarily disallow comment ? A real pity.

  • Comment Spam – Help!

    Oh no – i got comment spam too .

  • A spam bitch called Lolita

    As if the daily barrage of e-mails offering viagra, lipstick, breast enhancers, art work and even diplomas (from any university…

  • Jackass Spammers

    Apparently I am not the only one who got spammed last night by the ‘Lolita’ Spammer. When I woke up

  • Solution? Am just working through the following cure! In principle looks good. If it works MT should integrate it tomorrow! See

  • Testing the solutions referred to above. Yes that means it took me over two hours with a break for lunch to work it out. Will report on what I learned… in my next post.

  • Bloody porm spammers are back

    A poor relation of my old nemesis passed by. The IP address is The name is Haider Asad The…

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