Santa Comes to Rescue

December 23, 2004

in Skype Journal

My letter last night to Santa got a little note back from the elves asking if this Sonorix bluetooth Stereo Headset is what I want? It looks perfect, then I’d really like to try it out first and I’ve never seen it in any of the stores. With it i could trade in my current bluetooth headset as well. I’m not sure what it retails for. Each time I click the link the price goes up. It is probably very expensive.

The SONORIX Bluetooth Audio Player OBH-0100 is the first product of its kind in the world to integrate Mobile, Wireless and Audio technologies into a multi-purpose entertainment device, thereby providing the user with the Ultimate Solution for handsfree and audio demands. It functions as Wireless Headphone for PC enabling 2 way voice communication(voice chatting) and direct streaming of high quality audio, Wireless Headset for handsfree operation with mobile phones, Standalone Audio Player for listening to music anytime, anywhere. :::

Ok so who is going to buy it first? Plus Santa says I’m out of luck this year… it really is the iPod. Still I really really want to try it out. Let me try yours if you get one! I don’t even think I’ve seen this on Engadget. See the Brochure.

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