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October 18, 2007

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Sadly, I couldn’t make it to Poptech this year; having been twice before. So today I watched on as Pleo a robotic lifeform was presented by its designer Caleb Chung of Ugobe. He also designed the Furby (My daughter had to have one!) and shared drawings of his approach to creating it. – Facinating! Then he followed up with Pleo a “robotic lifeform”. That’s the phrase I’m sure that captured the Poptech curator Andrew Zolli. So would LifeOS. Apparently, Pleo has a USB slot and open architecture. See also Popular Science.

Brilliant presentation. Perfect product for social media. No surprise that many videos for this product are on YouTube. Unfortunately I cannot embed a corporate video from their website. OR pick up an embedded link to the corporate video uploaded to Youtube. Nor from their blog. This is stupid. Here I am ALMOST ready to shell out the $350 (ISN’T THAT EXPENSIVE – 200 OR 250? anyone?) on the basis of a Poptech presentation (preorders — looks like is going fast OR is that continued production problems) just for the joy of having a “family household present”.

Watch their videos and you know this product is ripe for many videos uploaded over Xmas (if they make the ship date). It’s not clear that they have a TWO WAY CONVERSATIONAL social media strategy planned. How will they bring all this content back into PLEOLAND? What will the stories be? The first Engadget blog will probably take it apart. The SkypeJournal guys will want to wire it to Skype. I know one of the Poptech presenters wanted start with the screwdriver.


Pleo on YouTube

See Pleoword:


Every Pleo is unique. Yes, each one begins life as a newly-hatched baby Camarasaurus, but that’s where predictability ends and individuality begins. Pleo doesn’t just do what he’s told. He develops his own personality, moods, and habits—all shaped by the time he spends with you. In creating this Life Form, we merely set the wheels in motion. Making the magic is up to you and Pleo.

The press is already buzzing. The SMNR teams could have a party mocking up the media deliverable on this one. Does Ugobe have a blogger relations program? They do have a forum ready. You have to be a little envious of the marketing opportunity on this one. Lots of chances to do neat things. Still I’m not sure why I can’t download Pleo’s voice as a ringtone, or put a widget on my site, or the video, or arrange a Pleo’s meetup. I joined a Facebook group (1 of 2) just for the heck of making a statement.

Still, they won’t need any of this to make their sales targets if production holds up and the product doesn’t break, Let’s hope it acts a little like the energizer bunny.

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