Testing Flock 1.0, TwitterFeed, MyBlogLog and Jiglu

October 19, 2007

in Social Software

TwitterFeedThis is a post from Flock 1.0 using the Flock blog editor. I’m effectively comparing it to Qumana, and Scribefire by making the post. First impression.. It beats both of these as an editor. Flock 1.0 beta is the new social web browser. It certainly has some neat features. See TechCrunch I’m going to keep using it for a few days and see if I miss Firefox. May put my daughter on to it too.

TwitterFeed enables you to direct any RSS feed into your Twitter stream. As I already have a wordpress plug-in I’m experimenting with using my Facebook status to provide the update. This presents some interesting options. I’m ultimately not sure what the right balance of updates is…or actually the type of commentary I want to send to Twitter. TwitterFeed is a neat prototype; my personal feed collector and routing platform. I like the options it provides in terms of integrating the feed. Thus if you want to syndicate a Tweet directly into your blog without copying repeating the title in the body it looks possible. I’ll fix that little test I’m doing up too.

I’ve also started trialing “Mybloglog” and Jiglu here. Both seem interesting.

(Update, I posted with Flock, it created some editing issues and created an extra line re tags in the body rather than in the WordPress  tag field.)

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  • Can you elaborate on “Thus if you want to syndicate a Tweet directly into your blog without copying repeating the title in the body it looks possible. I’ll fix that little test I’m doing up too.”?

  • Hi Karen,
    On my blog http://www.mosoci.com I’ve been experimenting with importing twitter and displaying them in the Blog RSS but not in the home page.

    I do the import into wordpress using FeedWordPress. It’s a great plug-in for aggregating content into a blog. Obviously designed to work with wordpress. I doubt there is such a plug-in for Blogger which you are on. Unfortunately at the moment it imports and duplicates the title and the body copy when i point it to aggregate my twitter feed.

    So I’ve been looking for a way to strip out the duplication.

    When I signed up for TwitterFeed I found in the options the opportunity to just forward the title or the title and the blog. Thus if you want to forward your blogs to twitter (title only) you can use twitterfeed to insert that content into twitter.

    I think I jumped the gun. I’ve asked them if I can have an RSS feed for the output. I also recognize that I could set up another blog and strip out the extra detail in the rss.

    The real problem rests with lack of controls on FeedWordPress whom I contacted some time back.

    For the majority of us that aren’t programmers it needs to be made more simple.

    We want to put tweets into our blogs (some will) just like delicious etc. There will only be more opportunities to incorporate data like this in the future.

    Haven’t given you what you want. I will report on any advances.

    Thanks for asking


  • I’ve been wanting to put out a ‘what I’m doing’ feed but didn’t feel like going between twitter and pounce. I’ll take a look at twitterfeed. Also, glad to have you on MyBlogLog 🙂

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