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October 24, 2007

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These are my notes and impressions from my visit to the Social Media Group meetup on Monday night. I particularly enjoyed some of the conversations afterwards. I also met up with Chris Lynn who was trying to twittercast the event, and Marie Williams (who’s working on Pleo!) from Shift. It was a useful session.


  • Video is coming faster and is very attractive to organizations from a storytelling POV. I just think the format needs to be micro… ie 15 secs to 3 min max.
  • Video is coming faster and is very attractive to organizations from a storytelling POV. I just think the format needs to be micro… ie 15 secs to 3 min max.
  • Feed 2.0 Extending the shared activity stream. We’re getting closer; I’m certainly enjoying prototyping some of these solutions.
  • Social Media has become what KM always meant to be! (How gratifying to hear this statement after spending the late 90’s in KM (Knowledge Management) and IC (Intellectual Capital) and almost naturally moving to blogging, more collaborative communities and networks. Effectively immersing myself in Social Media for the last five years.
  • Take the conversation to your customers. Video is just one way. Use it to enable multi-way communications. (It worked on channel 9; companies need to pay heed. Lots of opportunity in FAQ’s)
  • Intel Outside… looking to aggregate and participate and make content related to Intel outside Intel searchable, findable. (This make sense to me! Recognize the value, encourage it; also note the risk in aggregation strategies.)

Two thoughts:

  1. Enterprise 2.0 has to start with listening. The difference now is there is lots of content that they need to listen to. Most companies are still very ignorant!
  2. Have you googled your FAQ’s? Do your FAQ’s google? It was a reflection on Bob Duffy’s comments. We should know where the big problems that customers have lead them!

The panel tonight is focused on Enterprise 2.0. Shel opens by sharing insights from interviews done for SAP over the last 45 days. He’s now writing it up.

Notes: Some is verbatim, some isn’t. I’ve simply highlighted (in bold) points that I’d also reiterate.

Shel Israel: Introduced the subject then gave each visitor 5-6 minutes to say their piece.

  • On Interviews: recurrent themes… When I talked to people round the world… couple of recurring themes. On timing, if not in the next two years.. next 10 years..
  • I was told in all 24 that youth were driving it… If someone was born when the interent started to happen college is now starting. Revolution is not about blogging.. it is more about conversations.
  • In every country the hot category is social networking. In human nature we like to have a group of friends. thanks to tech we can find people that are interested in to what we are in … anywhere. Youth are developing a global culture.. some restrictions by languages. English is becoming the universal language (eg Eastern Europe) If they want to get access to the largest markets they have to learn English (I find this to only be somewhat true).
  • Mobile is vital. I asked.. what tools do you use.. Mobile… they said. mobile is not a tool it is a state of computing. You should be thinking about mobile strategy and social media. (I AGREE! MOSOCI!)
  • When we wrote Naked Conversations… Blogging was the tool that is all there was. If you look at what is happening today.. .at the enterprise everyone is asking about blogging. the corps.. want to now know what to do.. about blogging… by contrast the geeks of Silicon Valley.. are talking about twitter… etc.
  • Even in countries where Facebook isn’t being used .. most say Facebook is hot. Bigger market bigger conversation.. that’s why facebook will take over bebo….
  • Video allows a whole new dynamic for people that aren’t comfortable writing but are easy with video. most video is only 2 – 4 minutes.. more comfortable way of going. (He commented some more on how easy it is to get 4 minutes of attention. Still I think we slipped over production values.)
  • The time from enduser geek to corporate enduser.. the time used to be 10 years… it took two years to get blogging from geeks to the innards of companies of intel and SAP.. what is happening today with video will happen very soon. (He’s saying video will really change the corporate landscape.)

Dave McClure... Geek Blogger Angel.
started the first blog at Paypal.. to get bug fixes out to the developer community. Control of publishing remains an important thing in an organization. Finding the publishing point ….

  • commenting on other blogs.. people don’t pay enough attention to it.
  • also entertained.. photos and graphics adds a lot to blogging.
  • overlaying social networking with blogging.. is more interesting. Facebook has obviously got a lot of attention .. and with the apps… what has been lost is the news feed or the mini feed … this shared activity stream. That is the real innovation in facebook. the feed and the social activity stream. that is tougher to implement.. it will happen in other environments. How do i take advantage as an individual or group. How take the shared info feed for your com.. by generated by machine or using it just in the intranet or exposing it externally. … It’s all about the feed 2.0.

Eleanor Wynn? Intel IT anthropologist.

  • Describes self as metablogger.. i study social media, here’s a new medium… not as accomplished observer or practiioner… am an enterprize architect… Come at it with a social view. Ask what is the communications media avialable to socialise with… Social Media has become what KM always meant to be!
  • Each medium has its conventions. Different ways to say things to different audiences.. we are really good at doing that.. we learn the talk.. become an expert and a member. Narative is very very powerful.
  • distinctions.. public and private, formal and informal, attitude and.. ?
  • The external site is engineered to engineer.. practioner talk.. no message no PR… the internal blogs… hornets nest. blogging internally is a whoe new communication dialogue for management… need something to make the natural speak more natural

Jeremiah Owyang.. (who has written up what he really said as “The Challenges of Social Media in the Enterprise, why Business and IT need to align“.

the future looks bright from one part of the enterprise to the other. a few risks.. IT if IT doesn’t support the tools.. People will do it anyways etc. when it is time for IT to catch up.. you will have multiple issues with log-in etc.
oracle.. let people connect by various interesting ways..
what is future of the intranet.. the way we see it now.. is going away.. will bypass the firewall will start spreading out.. will see customers collaborating with customers ouside the firewall. what will it look like.. here is what we see change.. more integration of the tools.. it is all of them.. used in differnt ways.. potential for collaboration to build better services together hand in hand is the opportunity.

Jennifer Jones. Podtech About Marketing Voices..

  • Social media two years ago… trying to educate a group of vc’s about it…Saw the opportunity in podcasting.. social media on marketing.. could have more luck with marketers.. that is the genisis of podtech marketing.
  • I get to talk to so many people.. the core of learning.. it is so raw.. the kind of impact it is happening.
  • The bottom line is in 2005 they hadn’t done much about it.. in early 2006.. that is when they started to get more engaged in it. Now they are trying to build better brand images.. it is not about the tools.. we are trying to get them out there talking and providing a better conversational platform with their customers.. ultimately that will be completely integrated.

Bob Duffy..
Social Media at Intel

  • In the web marketing group at intel… what are we doing right and wrong at
  • Most of the stuff we produced didn’t resonate with the audience.. vs the other stuff… eg want product specs.. don’t want to know about capabilities.. or why Small Medium Business should use our products..
  • a lot of this stuff was getting in the way… can you show me the spec.. we can either ignore the data.. or we can product specs.. comparison info or look at the data for what is isn’t telling us.. what are other people doing??
  • more are using main website as a resource.. going to social sites for other stuff… 5 of top 6 are social media destinations… people are connecting with people… might this be something we are missing..
  • if we can get multiple people talking about products we need to do something different. more people online more engaged… to get them more … lets do blogs.. that wasn’t enough.. not a trusted destination.. need to broaden more.. to establish trust where people can have dialogue and create content… …
  • if we are going affect key audiences we need to create communities where they can have dialogues.. get HP’s out there with intel experts now we have a place where people can find unique information.
  • Eg OpenPort launched this year. Up for two months. the stuff they didn’t want on intel.. but on this site they want that stuff.. now looking at social media.. ISN.. 400K registered users.. blogs and communities..
  • we need to find a way to aggregate it.. how can we go offsite and then start pulling it together to provide a searchable value add?.. (find INTEL OUTSIDE>>>)

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