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December 19, 2007

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Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez is pushing me to follow his example and declare “Eight Things You Didn’t Know About Me”. I responded in Twittter that I would although that involves sharing more than I might normally on my blog. Tagging Bloggers always reminded me of the letters that go around asking you to send 10 more out. Those never worked for me. The difference is here you can reach out to hear something more and at the same time share what you write with a broader audience. Luis tagged eight souls… so I’ve looked up their blogs some of which I know. Jasmin Tragas Thomas van der Wal , David Stephenson, Susan Scrupski , Dennis McDonald, Andy Piper and Jon Husband.

Luis morphed the rules somewhat via Martin Koser and Reasonable Robinson. The rules are straight forward:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.

2. List EIGHT random facts about yourself.

3. Tag EIGHT people at the end of your post and list their names.

4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.

So… what won’t you know about me after years of blogging.

1. Moved Around: From the time I was four I’ve moved country to country. I mostly grew up in southern California, with frequent visits back home to the birthplace (UK). Later I found myself at University in Auckland New Zealand. Since then I’ve worked all over Europe with 5 years in Holland, many years downunder, and years in the US. I spent most of last year in India.

2. Happy Anywhere: I like travel and traveling; seldom the same place twice. I’m not worried about conditions and all I really need is a pack, camera and a few dollars. I prefer some reality and authenticity to 5 star; both have their merits. I’ve not done enough skiing in the last 8 years.

3. Adrenaline Junky: I like speed and vertical drops. While I can’t do them everyday the buzz I have had from heli skiing to racing Porsches and jumping off buildings is hard to quench. Currently I’m getting quite a thrill from re acquainting myself with motocycles and itching for something bigger than a Kawasaki 500 Ninja. Target next summer!

4. Periodic Heath Nut: I’ve been vegetarian, tried all sorts of elimination diets and can still buy into the Doctor’s recommendation that a glass of red wine now and then is a good thing. Of wine I’d like a larger collection. On dieting I’d like to forget about it although the metabolism seems to have slowed. On food; well I’ve marketed everything from chicken to beer. I’m coping by working out regularly for the last six months with the Orinda Aquatics Masters program. Lost over 35 lbs. I don’t think I can swim my age yet for the 100yd free although I am starting to think about whether it is possible and a worthwhile goal for the summer. (after not swimming much at all for almost 30 years).

5. Numbers: Mostly people think I’m a marketing guy. However I started out as a CA – accountant. After driving marketing teams crazy I was put in charge of marketing. I’ve never lost my interest in the systems including IT, need for numbers, or how to use them to motivate and achieve big goals. I’m not an accountant today because too many are risk adverse and don’t focus on how to grow business. I remain talented at “back of the envelope” reckoning and once had a boss in pre-calculator days whom would challenge me to who’s quickest to 1/100th of a percent… using just your head and vocal chords.

6. America: The US is not necessarily my resting place. While I’ve spent a little less than 50% of my years on earth here, and have been resident for most of the last 8 in the Bay Area there are many opportunities elsewhere. I returned seeing the bay area as having a “competitive advantage” on creating the future and chose here to send my kids to school and on to college. However, my values are global, and while they may semi gel with northern California, they certainly don’t with Washington. I am not anti-american merely disappointed with the political leadership in this country. In my lifetime Americans (yes it is a sweeping statement ) have failed to get a better more connected grip on the world around them. I am registered as an Independent. I’d like to live in multiple places.

7. How things work: Probably not a surprise…. I’ve been taking the wheels of things since before I could walk. Yesterday I replaced the diaphragm (keyboard and toggle switch) in my daughters Nokia N73. Last weekend I was a plumber. I’ve moved walls and done renovations. Rebuilt motors and computers. To me these things aren’t chores and I’m always tempted to open an auto restoration shop. Something in the labor and result satisfies me. I’m probably a closet engineer and undeclared architect. Then we can’t be everything.

8. My Blog: Has a lot more meaning to me today than the day I started it. For community, for helping my curiosity and for points of inquiry and observation. I may plug my blog into other things I don’t think I will leave it for another blog or another place to write. It’s worth struggling over even though I don’t like writing much, and would far prefer to be in a group development session.

Well that’s me for this round. For me I’d say I doubt there are any surprises above. I share these sorts of thing either willingly or it’s obvious in passing when you visit, or we get together. Still they aren’t things I’d talk about everyday. I’d still like to change the world and that keeps me motivated and optimistic.

So how do you choose who to tag? I’m tagging bloggers I don’t really know. Each has impacted my thinking or actions in some way over the last few months. I apologize in advance if you don’t like being put in this tagged position. Still it is that time of year where we tend to reflect and think about what we might share or what we might want to open up to in the new year.

So you have all been tagged! I think all will get a trackback, or are astute enough to have Google or Technorati notification active. Have fun and thanks for sharing.

  1. Anne Zelenka: Anne Truit Zelenka For me a mystery who keeps turning up in more posts and links. Doesn’t just buy the same old view. I’m listening!
  2. Tim Liberecht: iPlot Ah Frog Design another pretty neat place gathering neat perspectives on the world and the future. I get to see things on Tim’s blog I wouldn’t find otherwise.
  3. Jan Chipchase: Future Perfect Maybe I am just envious, he’s globe trotting the world and researching mobility and communications. He has a flair for presentations and I’d love to work on projects like his. The future – a conversation.
  4. Geoff Livingston: TheBuzzBin Geoff’s writing can’t just be pulled out of his company blog (authors please!) and yet there is a stream of interest in social media and PR emanating from this PR hive. There are many PR bloggers still new to me I’m watching, for most – blogging is new to them and they are naturally good at it.
  5. TDavid: TD doesn’t need to blog (lots of other interests) other than he is compelled to. I met him once in Seattle; he has a passion for well.. hmmm.
  6. Jon Udell: Jon Udell I’ve read John off and on from the beginning of my blogging experience. I still remember library lookup. Yet I still know very little about him.
  7. Jeff Jarvis: Buzzmachine I used to read Buzzmachine very infrequently, I’m not really an A-List reading blog kind of guy. On Journalism today Jeff’s is the blog I turn to. All forms of communication are undergoing disruptive change. Yet we do need a “media” like we need artists, musicians, directors etc. I think the opportunities are yet to be narrated.
  8. Toby Bloomberg: DivaMarketingBlog Simply writes a good story everytime. It goes way beyond the soft graphics of pink lipstick, martini and mirror. Character aplenty.

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