What Happened to Twitter Tags & Groups etc?

May 28, 2008

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Ton Ziljstra writes a recent post on Conversation Symmetry and Twitter. I’ve used much of his logic in managing my Twitter so far. However I’ve really fallen behind on “following” and must address that. Concurrently all the recent “twitter outages” affect how I view it and force me to double check the content is current.

Om Malik addressed the “outage problems” for me in an effective description here. In a nutshell he sums it up as a content management system being used as a messaging system. I actually want it to be both. It must have the robustness of the CMS and the speed and performance of the best / instantaneous SMS or notification systems.

Then should we pay for it? Om suggests those using it effectively for marketing at no charge should pay! That seems counter to common logic. Let the lurkers and their followers pay with an ad view. Why penalize those driving the traffic?

Still, I don’t have a way currently to group tweets… or label my friends. It would help me to be able to tag them. (eg friend, work, project z, spammer, local, etc.). I could import everyone that follows me into a wordpress blog and assign different tags to each import (one or more). However, that does mean more work. The result would be I could get the slices I want… just like I get in Google Reader (eg all VoIP blogs) or those I track for innovation.

There has been lots of discussion over time about Twitter tags and #tags etc. The most relevant info is on the Twitter Fan Wiki here. It seems to have died down or people have just moved on. I’d like something simpler. I just want to have a twitter interface that allows me to group who I follow… be it called a label, a tag etc. Then I want to see those different views. Fact is.. the potential exists for any twitter client I’m using that creates a database (think image uploaders) they could also let me sort these views. Might make them more interesting.

So while I’d like all sorts of tagging, and grouping capabilities I’d be happy with something that acts more like groups in my address book. (private group). Then I could go on expanding my Twitterverse and retains a sense of knowing what’s going on.

I’m also betting that Twitter is unlikely to go away or be superseded anytime soon.

Picture is of Twinkle – Public tweets within 10 miles on my iPhone. No one is tweeting much on iPhones in my area…. go 25 miles and there are many more. Sniff….

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