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June 9, 2008

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I took the time this morning to take the pulse of the “live blogging” going on at WWDC. That’s the Apple World Wide Developer Conference. It was an interesting experience and a missed opportunity. With a sold out conference it’s shameful that Apple doesn’t just stream the keynote (with all the news live). Instead there is a race of sorts amongst the big blogs trying to report the details in real-time.

What could the “live bloggers” do better? How should Apple adapt their format? What did I find?

Here’s how I go my news. Live audio via Upstream.TV for awhile a lousy video off Qik before I’m guessing they were shut down. Seeing this game play was an eyeopener. I quickly turned off the sound on the QIK and just listened to Upstream which ran flawlessly. I gave up on Twhirl and refreshed my Twitter feed and used Summarize. I found it was a dead heat on pictorial and text uploads on Engadget and Gizmodo. By contrast Techcrunch didn’t have the picture uploads mastered and far fewer in total. Venturebeat also had a Friendfeed Livestream. I found this all but useless.

What’s my learning? Just wait next time for the Apple Video. Still if you must do it live then…

If you have audio and there is no video then the real-time photo updates are a big deal. Would have been great to have even more. I probably should have followed a flickr feed. However on checking this..afterward it wasn’t very effective. Effectively I was looking for the realtime PPT copy. It’s understandable that at this conference Steve’s slide deck wasn’t put up in advance.

If you missed it you could read any of the blogs above to get the details in a few minutes versus the two hours I let it run for. Still I found I didn’t have the tools to really follow it effectively. Twhirl was useless. Twitter only worked from the web. That’s not good enough.

Some suggestions.

  1. Set the camera and some tags early to auto upload to flickr. Be even better if it had a series counter on as well; like page 1, 2 etc.
  2. Provide an audio feed. Use HighDefConferencing and simply let other skypein to it. May be easier than upstream and you can phone in too.
  3. Find a way to SkypeIn a Video Conference to upstreamTV. Or just use stickam.com A web cam on the laptop would have worked just fine here. Yet I listened to a session that was recorded here and they were accessing WWDC the same way I was.
  4. Apple… let me just log in from the iTune store and just stream it! I really believe that streaming is the way to build conferences. I’ve seen this with Poptech in particular.

What did I learn about the iPhone 3G?
Not much really in terms of features; the new price point $199 needs some carrier contract info to be really clear. The iPhone is still a big deal! Actually now an even bigger deal than before.

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