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July 30, 2008

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I’ve found on my journey through life that where there is creative tension and challenges, really cool things can be created and invented. I probably seek these out and at times it makes me impossible. I’ve also found that wanting something big, knowing the story for it and making it very simple is the real challenge. Getting things to market or out in the open quickly is what separates success from following.

We’re launching Phweet today. It has involved me in two fantastic relationships which have pushed my creativity and also my desire to get something done and out there in as little time as possible. This post is about David and the central one to making “Phweet” actually happen.

On June 6th I finally convinced David Beckemeyer that Phweet was a really interesting idea and it simply ought to be done. See: Why Phweet?. At the end I told him then he was the first person I’d shared Phweet with, right at the beginning… crazy long documents weeks and weeks earlier that then went through iterations and became better with each person I talked to.

From our “conversations in urls” clarity we embarked on emails and more sharing. Examples of Twitter messages sharing “phweetURLs going back and forth got a real thrashing. I was challenged by “constraints” and to be specific. I think David was learning that I need my buttons pressed to find ways to make it simple and often just think it up in real time.

On June 13th, I got this priceless (to me) rant.

It is impossible to actually write code with (what feels like) everything changing or new twists every time we talk. I guess that’s kind of why I want to make a SOMETHING, some version of this idea that can actally be touched and felt, to start giving us something more than vapor to discuss.

Things settled down pretty quick after that. Grounded. Screens started to emerge from me that made some more sense. And David simply adapted it and figured it out. I took off for a week for a quite separate assignment that I’d been pre-committed to. I think that gave David the breather he needed. The first totally international test “phweet” before I returned.

I’m still in awe. I’ve had pushback, I’ve had counseling, and I know I’ve got someone whose heart is in what we are trying to do just like me. I said up front I’d try and sell the guts out of it. I really believe it’s different. I really like it. Knowing a guy like David is behind me keeps my sense of take this higher and further going. Run harder. It’s a good condition to be in. He also cautions me that I’m about to take a lot of flak. Hope not. But good to know that we both have thick skin and know where we are going.

David is the founder of TelEvolution, Inc. and the innovator behind Phonegnome. In the VoIP world he’s known as MrBlog. Phweet is not the last or the first startup he’s put his attention to.

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