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July 30, 2008

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  • Have you ever wished you could just Talk to your Twitter friend?
  • Have you ever wanted to spontaneously set up a Conference Call with your Twitter friends?
  • Have you ever felt irritated that you have to turn on a separate client to accept a Call?

Phweet lets you accept calls with one click from your Twitter page or Twitter clients.  Phweet is a simple service where you don’t need to download or share anything more to talk. The call is contained within a PhweetUrl;  a smart link that calls you.  And you can share who you are talking to in real time without having to reveal or exchange phone numbers or other identities.

New Conversation Paradigm:

Phweet empowers you to adopt new conversational techniques where you have complete control. Phweet helps you share who you are talking with and builds new conversations. You choose whether you promote the conversation or keep it strictly private. You can easily Host conference calls on any subject and control who participates. You can request to join other live conversations; and the Host may approve your request.  No need to share or make additional information public (phone numbers, ID’s or other details).

Your conversation is contained in the unique PhweetURL generated for that call. It’s all you need. And you control it.

How does it Work?

Sign-in with your Twitter name and password at www.phweet.com.  Select your preferred channel (Browser, SIP ID or number/Mobile Phone which will be enabled later) for hosting/accepting a Phweet. Add the Twitter username of the person you want to talk to, and send them a message (public or direct/private).

That’s it.  The PhweetUrl does the rest for you. Once your conversation ends, the unique URL expires and your session message board disappears with it.

Phweet is a simple idea. A mashup of telecommunications, microblogging and chat.  It brings real “presence” and context to open up communications. Phweet will initially enable free calls between Twitter friends. Before long, it will add many more social networks. The Phweet API enables application developers to quickly integrate “talk” and put all “calls” on speed dial without the need for complicated  coding or infrastructure.

Smart Links are the new way to talk. Don’t dial – Phweet!

How do I know Phweet secures my Privacy?

Every Phweet is a unique URL that expires when you end your Phweet session. What remains are just a few tweets.

Our PhweetVision

Our PhweetURLs are smart links that make communication more social.  Today we are operating off Twitter and Twitter clients, tomorrow it will be all other social networks!  Our vision Is to create a more open telephony and communications environment where the users take control and are not dictated to by numbers, directory services, or tariff barriers, while retaining increased control over their privacy and presence information.

Phweet frees communications from centralized directory services replacing the traditional telephone exchange (or log-in server) with a simple hyperlink or Phweet URL. Our business development is focused on developing the linking paradigm for communications. We are not in the twitter (et al) applications business. In fact our API will enable any application developer to add a “Phweet Button” to make creating talk requests as easy as pushing a speed dial button.

Who’s behind Phweet?

Stuart Henshall and David Beckemeyer who combine a wealth of experience across VoIP, social media and social networking, and want to push social communications in new directions.

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