Phweet Alpha – Flash and PopUp Blockers

August 20, 2008

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I published this over on PhweetTalk and am publishing it here too.

I’m finding a higher failure rate than desired for first time users of Phweet who have popup blockers on. Many users on Firefox are using Adblocker. This simply blocks the popup flashwidget. As a result you will be dissatisfied. This is what Phweet with a call on the browser should look like! When you are ready to accept you will see this.

It will look like this after acceptance. If you do not see a page that looks like this turn off your adblocker for Refresh the page. It should appear.

Note the popup blue flash widget. How did we get here. You were sent a PhweetURL like and you then logged in with your Twitter name and password. You then opened the session. You would have seen “accept on my browser”. You clicked on “Accept” and then nothing seemed to happen.

What should happen. You should hear a piercing bird whistle as the Flash widget launches. When it appears you click on it once to talk and the first time the widget will ask you to “allow” the use of your mic and speakers. It is not webcam enabled. Now you should be talking! Note if you get to the exchange bridge before the other party you may hear music. That is just like being on hold waiting for a conference call to start.

Note if you are there first put a message in the window. The first time is always a little weird. After that it can become second nature.

To stop the Flash widget asking you to allow each time right click on it and tick the check box. You can also amend your audio settings.

The Flash solution works best with a headset! You can also leave the call temporarily and return. A little like putting it on mute. Remember your buddy if there is only one in the call will hear music at that point.

In the next generation version we will be improving the Flash detection approach and making other options like “dial-in” more obvious. Tomorrow I will share “dial-in” and how to make it work.

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