Phweet Coffee Talk Cafe

September 18, 2008

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Phweet Coffee Talk Cafe

Last week I was away in New Zealand and it’s taken me some time to catch up. While away David, Dina and I began experimenting with a new type of Open Phweet. It is powerful new way that Phweet demonstrates how to escalate from short message exchanges into broader deeper voice conversations with people you may only know through their tweets. Everyone retains total control over their numbers and privacy. Importantly people can come and go as they please. We believe it may also open up some powerful new applications.

I’ve been thinking of this as a watercooler or “Coffee Talk Cafe”. How’s it different? Like all Phweets it ties the conversation to a URL. However in this case it is persistent and creates a different type of communication experience. I put these screens together on Flickr to help with the how to get started. Or you can just join our PhweetCafe by clicking the image above.

Have you ever..

  • needed a talking place where people can come and go? A virtual watercooler or VoiceIRC.
  • wanted to have an hangout or virtual cafe to visit for talking and chatting with friends or family?
  • worked from home and just wished you could drop in to a conversation?
  • been part of a group of experts or help desk that answer customer inquiries?
  • wanted to run a open focus group around a discussion item
  • had to manage disaster management and needed a quick point of contact?
  • invited people to talk about a topic?
  • run a 24hour talkathon?

Then invite your friends and colleagues and watch the conversation grow. Each time someone joins “visits” you will get a direct notification from @phweet with the name of who joined and and you can jump into session with them. At first you will want to do this everytime. But later when others are jumping in and you are busy you may just want to skip it. From time to time you may want to promote your URL and bring new people into the conversation.

I have a few guesses about how many people you may need to create or make a successful Phweet Cafe. Some groups can even work with channels open like this all the time.

We need your feedback. Tell us how you want to use it. Help us make it better. More thoughts on PhweetTalk.

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