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November 7, 2008

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Sometimes reminders and special conversations come out of the blue – unexpectedly. I had one of those Phweet calls today with @transitioner which pointed me back to the work of an old friend Jean Francois Noubel which is perhaps more relevant than ever today. If nothing else just read the description for the conference and think about banks, mobility, and the rise of our networks. This description resonated with me.

Conference Nov. 2008 Mexico – The Future of Money: how millions of currencies are going to change the world – TheTransitioner – Pioneers

What no one anticipates is that money is about to follow the same path the media followed during the past years; from controlled ownership of media with one-way top down broadcast systems, to peer-to-peer, participatory, open publishing. Millions of free currencies will soon circulate on the Net and through our cell phones. They will not be controlled by states or central banks, they will be issued and used by millions of marketplaces willing to free themselves from conventional debt-based, interest-based money (85% to 95% of money circulating today). Everyone will use these free currencies simply because they will be ubiquitous, easy to integrate into current media technologies, and because most people and organizations are undermonetized.

This new paradigm is likely to turn the current monetary system into a completely obsolete system. The next one will offer marketplaces the capacity to maximize their trade potential with the ever right amount of monetary mass at their disposal.

Among the current projects expressing this evolution, the FreeCurrency project is certainly the most advanced one. Next currencies platforms will be available on the Internet by 2009. It will be free and open source. It will provide the next open global interoperable infrastructure for the millions currencies to be easily issued in a peer-to-peer way. It will be easy to use via computers and cell phones, making it accessible to the majority of humanity. User interfaces will be sexy and very user friendly.

Early players such as banks, telecom companies, dotcoms, developing countries, entrepreneurs who will anticipate and accompany this evolution will get an incredible first mover advantage.

Our civilization is changing and all forecasters talk about the revolution in technology and cooperation and globalization. The shift we will see from money will be from a scarcity model to one that is sufficient. In this way, it will fundamentally shift human relationships and consciousness to a new place.

  • Thank god, you’re making happen what I’ve been dreaming about ever I started the first LETS in London and accompanied the internet! At the House of Commons I helped launch Bernard Lietaer’s book “The Future of Money” and I am thrilled to see FutureCurrencies emerging!!!

    Meanwhile, I’m hoping that the British Establishment will want to save face (more than the US) and respond to our online petition on

    More power to your elbows!!!

    Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies

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