Sharing Links Delicious or Twitter? or Both?

December 30, 2008

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Here I am doing a little catch up on my blog and reviewing some posts that are drafts. May just publish them. As I opened it I also had one of those observations. Twitter is usurping my Bookmarking and I’m torn about it.

I liked the gesture that bookmarking enabled on enabled. It allowed me to complement someone on their post add a quick note on a post I’d seen and add appropriate tags. At the end of the day whatever I’d seen was pulled into a link blog and posted here. Common practice for many.

However, Twitter is more rewarding for passing links. I find I am more likely to get a response and there is actually a community around sharing comments.  The downside is It is hard to find the links later as they have no tags, although Twitter search might help although I’ve not really used it like that. I also dislike posting the same thing twice.

So perhaps I should link my account to twitterfeed? So I’ve done that. I’ve connected my Delicious account RSS to a Twitterfeed account. I’ve added in “Delicious:” to the beginning of the tweet and will just pass the title and URL. The downside of this strategy is it will open my delicious page first rather than the post which it links too. It will also mean I will have to be creative with the header and my notes become even more important. Still I’m going to give it a go.

I was also posting my Twitter updates to my blog. Although recently I stopped doing that. There were too many and I’m not sure they help in context. So I’d removed them from the front page although left them in the RSS. I’ve now deleteted them there too.

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