A Little Venting about Comcast

January 14, 2009

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I am just peeved with Comcast. It’s simple – I rely on my internet connection and when it doesn’t work it is crippling. So this will be a short and sweet summary. It is effectively my feedback. Comcast is like PG&E, AT&T etc. I expect these things to work without fail. I can accept when the weather brings down the line. I also understand when it is my fault.

In this case I started complaining a few weeks ago. They came to my house. In the end they came back and replaced the cable from the street. Apparently the old one was “done”. I never signed anything about costs. I got charged so far 19.99 for the visit. I have no idea why. The problem was in their wiring before the house and the team that replaced the line said it was a network problem in the street. A team would be out to fix it. No date or time.

Naturally my internet goes down today in the middle of an importnat demo. I went out to the street… Oh we will be fixed in x minutes. I had a second visit to the street 15 minutes later when it went down again and he was up another pole playing with lasers… me: “Look this is affecting my business and what I’m working on. How long?” Comcast:”Are you a business customer? We schedule for them. ..Nope no notifications for standard accounts”.

Are you kidding me? These were on and off outages for three hours. I saw three trucks at the time in the area. No notifications meant there was little time for the alternate plan I did have to make it to Starbucks. Suboptimal! My son confirmed that it was out for the time I was out too.

I’d give Comcast my SMS number if I thought I’d get some notice without the spam. Is my speed better? I’m not really sure. It’d definitely better than the not working state. This was a speed test today. It doesn’t seem exceptional or even particularly fast. Just another area where I don’t really know if I’m getting what I pay for and there are many variables in measuring it.

One final thing is certain. I don’t like Comcast more today. I like them less. Am I better off going elsewhere? For cost? For speed? Unlikely for speed.

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