Taglets are it! – They really could be!

January 14, 2009

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You remember the old “Tag your are it! Now there’s a new potential game. A couple of weeks ago I learned what was keeping David and Mark busy. It’s called Taglets. What is it? Well we know what “tags” are. In fact tags are used a lot. They help us organize things, or remember where things are. It’s a label. I most commonly use tags in bookmarking and in Tweets #hashtag.

Yet few people have discussions about tags. In fact I’m not sure there was ever an official place to comment on a tag. Now there is. It’s counter intuitive in the usual David / Mark fashion. It doesn’t have a business model either. David’s post. Mark’s post. Description here.

So have can you play Taglets-are-it?

  • Go to taglets.org and simple create a tag. iphone, license plate, website, #hashtag etc. David suggests a number and street. Use your name. I did. (However I think it will be more useful for “unique” items.)
  • What do you get for this little action. Well you can subscribe to comments which are effectively anonymous unless you add something into the name.

Well one way to play it might be to create a tag with your friends names. The taglet really should present a counter for comments/day. But the tag cloud will suffice. So let’s start this game. I’ve created a couple of tags. I’ve kept them simple. “Winer” and “Scoble” Why pick on these guys? Mostly Dave as he’s written a post “How to display a tweet? — Part II” which fits with this.

It has two possibilities / functionalities that really interest me.

1. Notifications:

A. It will provide notifications via Twitter and they have a really neat way of doing the Twitter account confirmation. Result. You follow Taglet and you confirm you want DM notifications from Taglet.
B. It could be set up to post these comments to a blog. Thus all comments on a tag could be put straight to a blog. (Note: I can stop notifications to me for any time.)

I like both these scenarios. Would it be even better if information from a source (RSS) could then be auto posted as a comment? For example I can look to Twitter Search to find a hash tag but if I want a notification service via SMS or Twitter message I’m not sure I’d get it.

2. The Tag — Needs  Rich Language

I like the idea of using it for URL tags. In fact the tag could become even more interesting if they would adopt the suggestion that’s in the recent discussion thread with Dave Winer. Jon Husband pointed me to it just this morning. If Mark and David would make these “WIKITAGS” or enable them to be powered like [tagname |http://address] then one compaint I had would probably be overridden. You could present the tag “jobs” in two different ways even thought they present the same way. Eg #jobs may mean “Steve Jobs” or may mean “jobs” as in jobs for hire, or jobs to do etc…. In fact to take it one step further the “wiki-page” could also be your personal definition and filter definitions. Now this is not my idea. It is  CSHotton’s. Let’s hope they consider this.

Separately, One of my comments to David was… “Well this would fix the “Phweet” notifications issue on @messages. It would also fix the registration issues. As Phweet would no longer need a Twitter Password to log in and all Phweets could be confirmed (inserted and started) from your Twitter web page. Google Apps also provides the registration engine for Taglets. All in all a very efficient creation.

I can see some Taglet developers using the platform just to route to use Twitters SMS notification service. Why pay for SMS notification when Twitter will???  That’s just one of the neat results of what the Taglet team have done. In Taglets, they’ve created a platform. With it an API, so anyone can potentially develop and use it. What you see today is a reference app nothing more. I know both David and Mark would appreciate your feedback. On Twitter they are @ae6rt and @mrblog.

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