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February 5, 2009

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I’ve just installed the taglets plug-in created by David Beckemeyer. It associates the tags for each blog post  posting the blog title and link as a comment on the tag. You can then monitor “taglets”. So for example I have set by default a fixed tag for “stuarthenshall”. Thus all my blogs will also send an update to the “Taglets” “stuarthenshall” in the form of blog title and link. If you install the same plug-in and then tag a blogpost with “stuarthenshall” I will see the comment and the link. See David’s blog post.

To test it with other tags I’m pointing it to “ae6rt” “mrblog”, “dinamehta” and “tagletfeaturereq”.

This is the control panel for the plug-in.

Note for me this is the key issue. I think the plug-in should enable me to insert my taglets ID (oAuth would be better) and auto create new tags if they don’t already exist. Two step tag creation is a waste of time. Taglets Feeder ‎(taglets‎)

Note: Taglets Feeder never creates new tags on taglets.org. It attempts to post a comment to all tags associated with the post,. For any tag that doesn’t exist at taglets.org, an error response is returned by taglets.org and silently ignored by Taglets Feeder.

Note Technorati is launching a new directory of “Tag” pages. This is not the same and I think inferior to the conversation and content that can be posted around Taglets.

Stake Your Claim? Technorati Opens Goldrush-Inspired Tag Directory

Technorati has just launched a new directory of ‘tag’ pages, offering brief overviews of a variety of tech-related topics. Tag pages range from broad subjects like ‘internet’ to individual companies, with each page offering links to relevant articles, blog posts, user-written summaries, and related topics on Technorati (in some ways the pages are reminiscent of Mahalo’s topical overviews). Unfortunately, while these tags could eventually serve as a handy glossary to the web, it seems that in an effort to quickly build up content Technorati is openly inviting users to submit articles that are less than objective.

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