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February 9, 2009

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Introducing Twitmart. Trade your stuff on Twitter. Find a #date, get a #job. Write a #wanted ad. Put something up “forsale. is a work in progress and is live today. Twitmart demonstrates the impact that Twitter could have on classified advertising. Add in location and mobile Tweets and we will have something really powerful. Tweet your ad today. Test Twitmart out for us. Write an ad for fun. #wanted or create a new category.Then tell us @stuarthenshall or @mrblog what you think. Thanks!

This introductory video shows how Twitmart works.   Twitmart is a free classifieds marketplace using Twitter. Twitmart is an experiment in new uses for Twitter and is non-commercial in nature. There is no cost to place an ad on Twitmart.  Twitmart integrates with Twitter search. Twitmart never asks for your Twitter password.

Twitmart is also more than just classified ads. It demonstrates the value of “escalating” the content on some Tweets. Twitter’s 44 characters can be augmented  with a full post and even pictures. So for Tweeters that have never blogged they could use a Twitmart like service to “TweetBlog”. I referred to this as the “SuperTweet” in a recent post.

There are some limitations. I won’t point them all out here. A key element was making sure that we didn’t need to collect your ID or password. We (David Beckemeyer and myself) had some learning with Phweet in that regard. Twitter passwords on 3rd party sites are a bad bad thing. On that score I can’t wait till Twitter an introduces oAuth solution. Twitmart is something we would like take to the next level and that’s why I’m making it public. We just can’t afford to work on this “fun” stuff and not earn a living at the same time. We have a business case and business model for PhweetMart. The fun begins when an ad escalates to a connection and money changes hands… Isn’t that the general idea?

I’ll share some additional models in support tomorrow.

  • Thanks for the update. Oddly enough, I saw something similar while on It allows you to promote your listings on Twitter and other social networking sites. Good to see classifieds finally evolving from Craigslist.

  • Mike… really better if you identify yourself as the Customer Service Manager for I’m happy you pointed it out to me as I wasn’t aware of it. There are choices that must be made between the distributed and the focused strategies. I will take a more detailed look at iList. Thanks for stopping by.

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