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March 17, 2009

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Last night at the Silicon Valley iPhone Developers Meetup we had another great session. As always you don’t always get what you think. It’s the new perspectives that help. So when the guy from Oracle stood up to present I was a little like “why Oracle?”.  When the Linkshare presentation happened at the end most of the audience was all ears. I personally got a kick out of the Anusen kid’s game presentation and will write up a separate post. I think overall the group ended up doing a little thinking about art. I’ve separately recommended to Tim a couple of possible presenters for next time.

Oracle provided an Enterprise view to a group that largely seems to be busy with consumer concepts. While simple the app had to deal with a specific set of hurdles which included security, update procedures, lack of an app store etc. Where and when will users synch! He also made excellent points on using web approaches and the usual lack of API’s on internal networks.



The app appeared to be a simple directory. See this post here In fact it contains links to each persons reports, their key data and the ability use the Oratweet program. Distribution to date has been word of mouth and the demand keeps growing.

Learning. If you didn’t know it the enterprise is going to present some real opportunities. Note Oracle didn’t use the Apple VPN solution, rather they use their own. Security is a key issue. Frankly there is lots more that can be done and it’s likely this is the first stage. It seems the Blackberry users are envious and there are no plans currently to provide a solution for it.

The last presentation was on Linkshare. We were shown the game Spore. Within this game are links to other games by the same manufacturer. The view is a coverflow like view.  The result is when I buy a game via that link I get paid 5% of the game value. The payment or commission paid via Linkshare. This is referral income just like you were running the Amazon store. That’s pretty cool and I expect to see a lot of variations appearing on this theme. See this for Apple details.

Neal Goldstein also presenting on his upcoming book “iPhone Development for Dummies“. We got plenty of the MVC model view controller insight. There will be some helpful first time coding examples in the book. Expected release in late April I believe. I wonder if there will be a Kindle version?

We also had someone from the fine arts side add their thoughts for using original art. It’s great to see this sort of fusion being presented.

Overall the opportunity to get iPhone / Touch app development right has never been greater. The growing number of devices (approx 50 million I think) means we will see many new forms of professionalism merging with the initial developers. There are new models for successful iPhone developments coming. The best models will reward the developer and broaden the business development base and focus.

I still leave these meetings with a view that there is a real lack of marketing nous with many and today I believe they are starting to recognize it. You can no longer dump an app in the iTunes store and expect success. That would be a miracle. The time has come where one must be much more sophisticated. The launch planning also needs to move back to almost the gestation period…. or even be part of the discussion. Many apps don’t take that long to create. Learning how to market them after the fact is too late! It’s then disappointing to see them fail launch effectively or find an effective market.

After three visits I believe that many in the group need marketing support. I’m less sure about how many are open to it early.

  • Thanks for mentioning Clayton’s work. His app is a great example of what we do in our free time. Its an app that combines services from Connect, our internal social network, largely built/maintained in half-time, and OraTweet, completely free-time work. And Clayton built it all in his free time.

    It’s really popular too b/c it addresses a pain point among employees. Glad you found it interesting.

  • Jake, Thanks for bringing Clayton’s name into the picture I’d missed recording it and wish I had pointed the credit to him. The Oracle app was inspiring to me too for it’s integration and use of OraTweet. It’s hard to list many companies that are experimenting with Twitter on the inside and that really get it. I found a little information on your blogs.

    Separately, if you guys want to experiment further where there may be some real benefits that also relate to communications I’d be happy to work on a “Phweet” experiment with you. See there could be real benefits for integrating this approach.

  • Thanks for the Phweet tip. We have something similar already in Connect, which is integrated with OraTweet and serves the content for Clayton’s app.

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