WWDC Update.

June 11, 2009

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The initial connectivity issues have now long gone away. WWDC for those that might not know is Apple’s world wide developer conference. It has pulled a very global audience and like me, 60% have never attended before. I’ve met some fantastic people here. The Apple staff are outstanding.

Many have asked me why I’m here? I’m not a developer although may now write / create a small app or two. I’m there because I wanted to know first hand how far we can push the boundaries of the mobile social space and how quickly. I also wanted a deeper understanding of how to manage development efforts / expectations and the toolset available to developers.

I’m coming away with both and more.

I talked with an ex Nokia and Windows Mobile game developer tonight. It is currently game over in that regard. Game developers are a key group here.

I’d reflect and do a few things differently. I would have liked more show ‘n tell sessions with real app examples. Eg the stories I’d also like more are around marketing and business nous in the apps / iPhone streams. I also think many lab sessions were over-subscribed. The planning will have to start now for next year and cater to 10000 people or take the show on the road. It may well be both. The demand is clear.

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