Norman Lewis “talking about us” at #ecomm

October 28, 2009

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Norman Lewis, Open-Knowledge UK, Founding Partner, says he will talk about something different. Talking about “us” the people, the user, the pivot for everything we do in the future. We will change the entire landscape. “telecom’s bandwidth doubles every century”. It’s important as we now have the capacity to link people in ways that was not possible before. Read “the Big Switch”. What does it mean in terms of connecting people. Connection now start to scale at a rate that was not possible before.

Want to look at the potential and power of people in a network that are empowered to do things that weren’t possible in the past. My proposition is “people power”. Taking control of your own value. “VLUME” taking a buyers club. (This is not a new idea, although the time is coming closer. I wrote all this in The COMsumer Manifesto some 10 years ago). Now looking at lifetime value of capacity and what happens when you put it all together. We are talking about being a big corporation. This is about changing the economics of a service company. When  it gets to a certain percentage we can get it for 30% less and still make the supplier more profit. Just think eliminate the cost of customer acquisition.

The future is in the data, personal and meta-data and who controls that data will control the value chain. If that data is used then I want a piece of the action.

I don’t think this is the correct migration path to get there. While I love the idea of a buyer club I believe that the information to get there and the methods are quite different. I also believe that not only is it a coop but the people have to own for it to really work. I must find the opportunity and time to kick this one around with Norm.

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