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November 23, 2009

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SendSocial via @Aswath (thanks!) and Andy Abramson a varation on using any ID and then brokering the exchange. This is a great variation. Twitter’s free pipe (at least for now) is enabling low cost entry for almost anyone to broker connections between one or more parties.). SendSocial let’s you address a package without knowing anything more than a TwitterID. (BTW I wrote a piece on ReThinking Mail – COMsumer Post back in 2003 Many thought I was nuts and yet SendSocial with it’s Accept / Decline is offering the “Access” control that was proposed then).

Andy challenges the USPS. Imagine just putting @stuarthenshall or @andyabramson and dropping it in the box? I get a DM from USPS – where do you want it delivered or leave a standing order. Then I can even add the filtering before the junk is even sent!

It’s great to see an example like SendSocial. It’s a variation on the type of trusted broker relationship we tried to set up and use with Phweet (and the descriptive words are almost identical). Well their Service starts with “send request’, then Accept or Decline!. Maybe someone will now see some value in paying someone to talk to them / be called back? It’s the same deal and approach. Also spin through their blog more deeply and you will see titles like “who owns your data?”. I must say I like these guys!

SendSocial | Send anything, anywhere without an address

SendSocial makes sending things to your friends and relatives easy – you don’t even need to know where they live.

You can send an item knowing only your recipient’s Twitter ID or email address. Click here to begin. We’ll send your request to the individual, and – if they choose to accept – will take their address details from them.

You’ll then receive a notification that they’re happy to hear from you, and will be asked to confirm the collection address and pay by credit or debit card. Once this is complete, we’ll provide you with an address-less label to stick to your package, which will be collected by myHermes, our delivery partners, and delivered in 3-5 working days.

The barcode contains all the important delivery information. myHermes have upgraded their systems to be able to read these: this means that items can travel safely from A to B quickly and easily, whilst giving you the peace of mind that your privacy is guaranteed.

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