How Many Passengers Travel in Your SUV? 17? More?

December 17, 2009

in india

Yesterday Dina and I were traveling back from rural groups and interviews. It’s not uncommon to see all modes of travel. Yet the Indian ability to squeeze the most passengers into a car continues to amuse me. We stopped at a roadside restaurant. Outside there were kids and adults and just one car. It was a school college trip. They were en route and were traveling over 200 kilometers. There were five adults, three lads and eight girls. They appears to have little luggage. The kids all paid for their meals independently. Most of the girls had a handbag and at least half of them had a mobile phone.


In total 17 people got in this Tata. 4 adults across the front, five across the backseat and nine somehow crammed in the very back. No AC and well over 30C outside. A number of the girls were dressed western style. This gal appeared to have an iPhone in hand, something that both the travel circumstances and general affluence would have suggested didn’t fit. Perhaps it was a fake. It looked convincing. Another symbol of how life is changing.


BTW. I have seen even more hitch a ride. They hang on to the outside and hold on to the roof. Add another 4 easy.

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