Karbonn Mobile Knocking out Big Brands – #India

January 9, 2010

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China Phone – Karbonn Punch Out – Leaves Traditional Mobile Brands Reeling on the Ropes.

Back in April 2008 I started paying attention to China Phones in India. I’d first come across one in a rural village. “China Phone” Beats Nokia N95 in Boombox Test. It didn’t take long to establish that the kids already had a deep understanding for it – even if they lived in slums.  See From the Mouths of Kids.  And I wrote up my experiences again on Manish Market and the New Mobile Ghetto Blasters

Today similar and more advanced China Phones are threatening to forever change the game in the Indian Market. Karbonn is just one such brand, which is now sponsoring a One Day International Cricket Series being currently held in India.

Nokia as the market leader perhaps has the most to lose. How they counter the threat at the bottom end is just as important as making their smart phone / mobile computer strategy work.  This is a Karbonn poster in a rural store – which has as its headline – “Double ka Dum” meaning Double Power/Punch.  Similar ads fill the daily papers.

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