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January 11, 2010

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Daily update on links with my notes. I also just tweet links @stuarthenshall

  • #link: One Example Of Tweeting Your Blog Posts – /Message | @stoweboyd second example – post coming – link fails 4u – This delicious post to Stowe fails as it sends him to his original post rather than the link blog I am setting up by adding the note to it. One difference and improvement over my past behavior is…. #link. This says I am linking to your post. However any notes or any @twittername I put in it better be explained in the Tweet part. He won't see the notes. If you want to send notes and direct commentary then send a trackback post. As a result I may just give up on Delicious all together
  • Threading Blog And Twitter Streams Together – /Message | | @stoweboyd thanks! – This is part of my follow-up post today to this posting. Stowe won't see this if he see's my tweet till after 10:00pm tonight.
  • Which touch screen is best? This is how Moto evaluates. #touch #iphone – Found this fascinating. It is easy to gloss over how touch work and yet there is a real science to it.
  • Facebook iPhone App Update Brings Push Notifications, Contact Sync | Comments say mostly a user hell – When I updated my Facebook iPhone app I didn't turn on the new notifications feature or the sync contacts feature. I'm glad I didn't. Like many I live in a sync contact sort of hell and never really take the time to sort out one good list and makes sure it goes back to all my accounts. I use Boxcar and Notifications to provide the push updates I need. Facebook…. let me know when you get it right. While no-on mentions it…. I also didn't want to send the 1500 contacts not in my facebook account to facebook. They don't need them. I'd like the sync to be one way. Eg Facebook recommend updates to me locally. I can then approve even one by one. I don't need to send anything back. Thus help me make my address book better. In other words I will "flag" the contacts that I want to be kept in sync with Facebook

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