My Twitter Updates for 2010-01-26

January 26, 2010

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  • Great Old West Wing Video via @robpatrop An Obama moment and time? | If it isn't soon + not just words it's 1 term. #
  • Email from friend:"I'm using Windows Messenger more these days. I'd ……….. would add me to your network there, as well." NO! Why? Spam! #
  • Cool Use of Voice for Screening Job Candidates. via ITExpo #
  • .@robpatrob @dina re "Twitter Noise etc" Pathetic etc | add no sense of wanting to be part of or build community. #
  • .@dina re Puppy Tweets and Mattel | Finding it hard to understand the "target" here. Why Mattel brand? Not for 5yr olds #

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