From Owning to Flowing – “the language of flows”

January 27, 2010

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This is an incredibly important set of points re joining the flow. The quotes below represent JF’s thinking (and I’ve already bookmarked his previous post in Delicious). If you are thinking about “flow” you cannot miss reading the FAQ on FlowPlace.

We operate exactly the same with knowledge. We accumulate knowledge in our inner basement. Knowledge that was first poured in our heads at school (this is the dominant vision of school programs in most cultures). How much of it do we really make publicly available? How much do we freely redistribute? How trained are we to pass it on, naturally, fluidly? These new social media and free economies are so odd in regards to what we learned at school…..

later in the same post..

The evolutionary threshold is that now we can scale up the properties of original collective intelligence (and still benefit from the amazing evolutions of pyramidal collective intelligence). We are now on the verge of inventing the language of flows, so that wealth can flow through us at the right time according to our needs, rather than accumulate in our backyards after a long and exhausting hunt for scarce money.

This new level of complexity requires a new techno-economic infrastructure. Just like the printing press, this is going to create a new culture.

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