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February 1, 2010

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  • iPad: The (attempted) Windows killer by Michael Mace – if you need to read anymore… on this subject. – If they really believe all of those things, then the iPad starts to look like Apple's idea of the next logical stage in the evolution of personal computing. It takes everything Apple learned from iPod and iPhone and applies that to a redesign of the low-end personal computer. It's Apple's vision of the netpad done right — not a PC accessory, but a lightweight portable device that can replace the PC for many basic usages. The idea wouldn't be to kill the PC outright, but to nudge it toward the workstation space, in the process gradually eating away at the market share of Windows.
  • Mobile Phone Market Shares for year of 2009 | Units! That’s a lot of mobiles. – Tomi Ahonen puts together a set of mobile share numbers for 2009. This is a unit focus, rather than $share or some other metric that might show (particularly for smartphones) real differences in how different phones are used. Eg share of occasions, number of hours used… browsing minutes.. number on a 3G plan etc. Different phone perform in different ways. EG it is easy to understand why BBM has become very popular in some markets. Development and movement to SmartPhones market to market is also uneven and buried in these global totals.
  • Apple’s iPad: Why iAttaché Would Have More Cachet! | @jimcanuck great thoughtful reveiw – There are many many iPad reviews out now. While iAttache is an interesting metaphor, I'm happy to watch Apple fight to use the rights to the iPad name.
  • Proposal for Fixing Multitasking in iPad/iPhone OS | Seems like a sensible suggestion? Comments? – "The answer for the iPad is neither full multitasking or no multitasking of any kind. The answer is to classify a certain kind of application as a Service that can be called upon from within any other app. Mac OS X does this to limited effect (seen above), NeXTStep did it better, but the gist is a contextual, useful function not contained within the primary application. Imagine that primary-use apps (think iWork-level) are designed with a button labeled “Services” that you can tap which brings up a pane listing all available programs and tasks that can be run in parallel with it. It would then instantiate that Service as a Widget on the side of the screen, up to two at a time. (You could imagine iPhone Safari and Pandora both at once, for example). To switch the list, you would then, hold down the home button to bring up close boxes at the upper-left corner."

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