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February 19, 2010

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  • A post by Todd Carothers on "The Skype Empire" and impact on landlines | Nah… strategically think broader – "In fact many of the executive leadership of Fixed Line and Mobile Operators that I met with back in 2004 saw Skype as a “Gnat” buzzing around the Telecommunications sector. They disregarded the threat at large. Well, we all know that Skype become much more than that." Yes I helped many with a "What's your Skype strategy?" approach. What this article fails to really point to… is "What's your Skype strategy today – should be?" When Skype launched there was no Facebook, no Twitter, – these too have usurped the telecom sector. Today it is pointless to address "skype" alone in terms of strategy. Yes it is mobile today and importantly Skype, and others aren't really there yet. There's big strategic opportunities there. Over six years ago… "skype" focused strategy around communications. Today it is mobile, iphone, twitter, SMS, facebook, google/android etc.
  • Buzz – Sizzle or Fizzle? @kencamp took me less than 3 minutes last week to decide to turn it off! – I'm still catching up on the Buzz hoopla yet for me Buzz was another reminder that Google has too much of me and that goes for a lot of other companies too. I want control of me. That's why I like my own WordPress. I don't mind fragmenting myself over various services and I use them in different ways. Still… this to me is a message. Google wants too much of me… and I for one don't really like it.
  • Thoughful post on iPad by Facebook iPhone developer. It’s the screen! Forget the "closed" arguments – Add this post to the useful perspective on iPad. I'm with Joe iPad is illustrative of the direction and capabilities that Apple will ultimately apply to macbooks at large.

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