My Twitter Updates for 2010-04-13

April 13, 2010

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  • RT @thefutureofwork RT @workshifting: 10 apps you can't do without? What do you think– agree/disagree? interesting list #
  • Tried Opera Mini on the iPhone for about 10 minutes. Deleted. Yes loads pages fast also ugly, sites don't render neatly or zoom effectively #
  • Nokia announce 3 new Networking Phones – Lowering the price on smart phones #
  • TweetPhoto: Did a “Hole-filler” Just Get Funded? | I'd like to know too! #
  • @PhoneBoy how long did you stick with it? opera mini? in reply to PhoneBoy #
  • Some iPad thoughts – from @mrblog | Not sure I'll lend you mine – there are some limitations #
  • Just read this "Scenario building is in fact a business literacy whose purpose is to achieve convergence through strategic conversation" #
  • The case against Opera Mini on the iPhone | Great technical overview before launched #
  • @samaparicio – it works better on edge. Innovating? Not sure about that. Is it long in the tooth or really creating a new opportunity? #

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