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April 13, 2010

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Daily update on links with my notes. I also just tweet links @stuarthenshall

  • The case against Opera Mini on the iPhone | Great technical overview before launched – Found this article interesting. My own experience with the Opera Mini browser on the iPhone was – can't be bothered after just a couple of minutes. It was fast but it didn't render better, it didn't scroll and now I know why. Speed – yes it is faster on Edge networks. The comments in this article are interesting relative to WAP like pasts. It's going to turn up on some new Nokia's as well although those are targeted more at emerging markets where data connections and costs are more important. That said you can use it and try it out on the iPhone. It's free.
  • Some iPad thoughts – from @mrblog | Not sure I’ll lend you mine – there are some limitations – David writes a thoughtful post on why he's not quite ready for an iPad. For a heavy computer user it won't replace your laptop / desktop today. However, I do enjoy reading on it more and more. Nice form factor for surfing the web and I've now got it well integrated with shared synced bookmarks and various posting options. Delicious, Instapaper, Twitter etc. My laptop will stay home for conferences etc. Its certainly a travel / holiday device too.
  • TweetPhoto: Did a “Hole-filler” Just Get Funded? | I’d like to know too! – Is Twitter at a one off point where it simply applies $'s and integrates a whole group or is that package of features? I don't know. It does make me uneasy.
  • Nokia announce 3 new Networking Phones – Lowering the price on smart phones – I'd have to do a few more checks to really understand the C3, C6 and E5. They look interesting and I understand the general feature set and differences. The thrust is keeping in touch with all your messaging channels. How it works with Ovi and / or independently I'm not sure. I'm not all that keen on Qwerty keyboards – usually too small for my fingers or thumbs. C6 looks like a 5800 upgrade. This is a real response to both Blackberry and Samsung Corby. Focus is messaging integration.

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