Reading Links for May 4th

May 5, 2010

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These are my links for May 4th:

  • Apple Wins Strategic Multitouch Gesturing Patent | Patent Law gone wrong. What’s the way around this? – I really believe these gestures should be "standardised". I understand why Apple wants them yet using screens is a little like using a car. We all need a wheel. The emerging gesture world is just dawning on everyone. Soon we will have a patent for waving hello. Pinch zoom is alread a problem for other handset manufacturers. Eg Nokia clockwise to zoom, counterclockwise to zoom out. <br />
    <br />
    We already adjust mouse speed. I'd suggest that users simply determine what gestures to input and use. Eg enable the user to choose presets for this type of gestured touch. If I happen to use Apple's approach so be it. Right click is an example. Not set by defaut but optional.
  • Insight on Indian Youth: iSay, you say, we all say, to Nokia | via @dina she said iPhone – India is not iPhone land. far from it. Nokia is the powerhouse. Even the comments on this blog say it. Yet also how true the "closed" story re Apple permeates the world while Android is for those more tech savvy. The iPhone effect isn't news and yet this story is told by another instant Apple iPhone evangelist. That's the word of mouth that sells even when challenged by the prices in India and the lack of 3G.
  • Very Personal Computing | This is a great overview on why Palm made sense to HP. – Now both Dell and HP have effectively passed on Windows Touch.

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