Reading Links for May 11th

May 11, 2010

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  • How many gestures does an iPad Support? 11 it turns out. Gestures on a big screen coming. How will we use them? – For years we've held a pencil or just typed. Now we are running more and more fingers over screens and touch means something. Will we easily migrate to 4 and 5 finger touches… how many different iterations of finger swipes and pinches are there? Many. In fact Apple had applied for a patent on some of these the other day. How do these gesture translate beyond an iPad? Will they turn up in your car for the lights, wiper and stereo? Or will we just insert an iPad for that? When will the "touch" processing just separate from the screen or glass? Can I carry my own learned gestures around? What's the future of the secret handshake? Point and click will remain and yet new gestures will help us access information faster.

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