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Kitchen iPad – Epicurious – Food Revolution – ABC Player and where’s Safeway and Tesco?

May 13, 2010

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I’m still making notes and keeping observations about my iPad.  This is Part 4 of the Series where I share how I find I’m using my iPad in my kitchen. The series so far:

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Part 4: iPad Observation #4 Kitchen iPad – Epicurious – Food Revolution – ABC Player and where’s Safeway and Tesco?

For years I’ve seen the odd TV in kitchens. At one time they were small and portable. Then there were LCD’s etc. For me there was always that segment that watched TV in the kitchen. There’s another part of the kitchen I like too. It’s the bookcase part with a collection of recipe books and perhaps the “book stand” so they are easy to read. Yet the iPhone came along and I found it was easy to find a new recipe there and then there was Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals which taught me the fine art of making Risotto. Although the screen was too small, the length of time it stayed bright (settings) was always a nuisance.

Does the iPad have a place in the kitchen?  Then the iPad came along. Its place in the kitchen as part of modern everyday life is apparent. At first I even had the dock and charger located there. Whether on the table or on the bar it is at home there. Where and how’s it being used?

1. Reading: Yep its a supplement or replacement for the newspaper and that ‘take a break’ ritual. iPad and coffee and cereal? Kids reading to you?

2. TV: When you are left with nowhere else to go in the house and are pushed back into the kitchen. Stand up the iPad in the iPad Case and start watching Netflix or ABC Player. Need to understand what’s wrong with the American diet… start watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (was an entertaining series).

3. Cooking: Inspired to cook and eat better the iPad becomes that recipe book. While the iPhone could do with a good “camp food” recipe book Epicurious offers a visual experience that just starts to demonstrate why Recipe books are now obsolete. Add in ratings and room for comments and notes. Create your favorites. The change for me – earlier, the computer recipe was printed out somewhere else in the house. It wasn’t spontaneous while you are looking in the fridge etc.

4. Notes, email etc. Yes and no. I’d still put the shopping list directly on the iphone. Although the kitchen office is obvious. Notes, the odd family email yes very doable.

5. Sharing Occasions: Others have noted the iPad’s capability as a sharing device. It’s a great “bring it here” or “show me” device – thinking more about with children.

For me, the biggest downside of the iPad as a shared device is the lack of “log-ins”. In a house it is not about the password it is simply examples like everyone has a Facebook account. Logging in and out is just an unnecessary pain point.

This leaves me wondering how many households would benefit more from the addition of an iPad rather than an iPhone. There are many things the iPhone does from camera to the shopping list that the iPad cannot do. Yet in a family environment where there’s a stay-at-home partner and perhaps a desktop and general shared computing, this device takes the household experimentation into a new realm.

If the trend continues and people see it they are already saving for Xmas! In all the cases above it provides ready access to information in an environment that wasn’t starved of it but was usually adjacent. I haven’t solved the sticky fingers on the screen although I’m in the right place to clean it. As our living spaces have changed and so many homes live around the Kitchen it should be no surprise to find the iPad is at home there too.

We have plenty of “home & kitchen” stores. Great displays, lots of gadget. The iPod produced a generation of “Sound Docks”  and while BlendTec decided the best thing to do was blend an iPad, perhaps the best approach is to create an app for that. I’m always a little skeptical of multi-engined tools. Eg the drill, saw, sander, jigsaw type of thing. Yet there’s a range of Kitchen apps and gadgets coming that will make the iPad more relevant to this place in the home. Things I’d add to this idea space. Security, FirstAid, MedicalPlanning, Dietary Assistance, Food Scanner, energy meter (PG&E tie-in). If I was Safeway or Tesco I’d have it ready soon for the Shop from home program. Test a free scanner too!

So where’s your iPad go?, get used?, by?, and what’s it doing? What if your iPad kept a diary?

Most importantly. Has your playing around and usage of an iPad yet led you to rethink some aspects about future products, or how you should do business. I’d be surprised if it hasn’t and if you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 and don’t have one yet. I suggest you buy one and later ask your people about it. It’s worth the risk.

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